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The company attaches great importance to reform, and always insists on product technology innovation. Tianyu 5 HXG series dryer adopts the transverse multi-groove drying structure, which has the characteristics of thin grain layer, large drying area, high heat efficiency, and even heating of grains. 

Exclusive interview | OMG! This brand indeed deserves the title of "little sun”!

In recent decades, the intensifying of greenhouse effect, the lack of water resources, and the worsening weather have brought great pressure to the growth and harvest of grains .As the world's largest grain production and consumer country, China's annual total output of grain is about 600 million tons. According to incomplete statistics, the loss during the threshing, drying, storage and transportation after grain harvest is as high as 15% in China, which is much higher than the standard of 5% defined by United Nations Food and Agriculture Organization. Among these losses, the grain loss due to mildew and germination caused by the damp climate, belated drying or insufficient drying is as high as 5% each year. This does not include grains that could not be harvested due to natural weather. If calculated on annual output of 600 million, this is equivalent of 30 million tons of grains. If each person eat 500g grains every day, this amount can be used by 82000 people for one year, which is a staggering number. Therefore, the development of grain dryer is very important. For this purpose, Datian Media | Agricultural Machinery 360 network reporter interviewed Liu Suqin, General Manager of Jiangsu Tianyu Agricultural Machinery Co., Ltd., who had founded the manufacturing enterprise of the famous low temperature cycle grain dryer, and hoped to gain more experience in development from her narration, discard the dross and select the essential, and provide China's grain dyer enterprises with guidance and inspirations.

Liu Suqin was born in 1975. She founded Jiangsu Tianyu Agricultural Machinery Co., Ltd. in 2010 and served as general manager. In 2016, the company ranked 4th among China dryer industries, with annual sales of 90 million yuan. She took less than six years to create miracle in the industry, and interpreted the connotation of women entrepreneurs in the new era with actions.

Development background and present situation of China dryer market
 "Grain dryers market has unlimited prospect, however, it is a disadvantage in China's agricultural mechanization. It is in a dogfight stage, with low technology content of products, few maturity models, few product varieties, and high energy consumption and other problems that need to be solved. There is a lack of overall planning of the industrial development of domestic grain dryers, and there is no national independent brand with leading core technologies. The product technology development ability is insufficient, and the market is not standard." Liu Suqin made a comprehensive and rational analysis referring to the current market environment of dryers in China. 
At present, China's dryer industry is generally at the market introduction period. As China's grain dryer market is still "policy market", government subsidies are controlling the market, and users' buying power is almost fully pulled by the policy. Therefore, this industry requires the careful protection from the government, industry, the society and so on. Liu Suqin suggested, "China should increase the subsidies to purchase the dryer and its supporting facilities, and appropriately increase purchase subsidy proportion; Provide preferential subsidies and additional subsidies and other preferential policies for agricultural professional cooperatives, grain growers, agricultural machinery cooperative, family farms and large agricultural machinery buyers, as well as other new agricultural business bodies who purchase and use grain dryers. Through the demonstration effect, drive the rapid development of grain dryers market ".
In recent years, under the pull of the national food security strategy and the agricultural subsidy policy, coupled with the frequent extreme weather in our country, the grain dryers market is gradually heating up, and the dyer enterprises have mushroomed across the country. At the same time, different products and brands also emerged, and the market competition is increasingly heated. As to how to stand out from the melee, Liu Suqin had a thorough analysis from intelligent production, product structure adjustment, and factory construction and after-sale services.
 Improve enterprise's own development in an all-round way
Along with the more and more rapid social development, each industry has entered the era of technicalization and intellectualization, and the development of the dryer is no exception. In intellectualization development, in order to comply with the development trend of the overall dryer industry, and meet the high requirements of customers, Tianyu introduced robot welding line, assembly line, and painting line. All the three production lines rank first in the industry.
 From the point of product structure adjustment, Liu Suqin believes that the full automatic dryer will become a mainstream in the future. The company should change the production status of low technical content as soon as possible. Learn foreign advanced technology, develop and produce large complete sets of equipment and high-tech products with high efficiency, low energy consumption, and market orientated. At the same time, based on the technical requirements of our grain drying process and the actual situation of grain drying in different regions of China, develop appropriate drying equipment, to accelerate the upgrading of drying equipment, and further expand domestic and international markets.
For users, the selection of dryers with high quality, long service life, economic and practical, good reliability and high degree of automation is of vital importance. At present, Tianyu's main product--- 5 HXG series dryer is a good choice. It adopts the transverse multi-groove drying structure, which has the characteristics of thin grain layer, large drying area, high heat efficiency, and even heating of grains. The adoption of PLC program control technology, high quality online moisture meter, online continuous detection of grain moisture content, touch screen control technology, multi-point temperature sensor measurement and control technology and other high and new technologies ensures that the automation level of the machine is in the leading position in the national counterparts
Tianyu 5HXG series drying machine can also be multi-usage. It can not only dry grains rapidly to ensure the grain safety, but also, the operation is simple, reliable and durable. The superior performances have won high praise from users. In addition, on the 2017 Jiiangsu Nanjing show, Tianyu introduced the new 5 HXG - 160 dryer. The company continuously forges ahead on the road of new product innovation and product structure adjustment.
As is known to all, dryers take up a large area, and local land circulation quantity is not enough, this increases the difficulty of the construction of dryer storage warehouse and the approval of the drying room land. The land problem becomes one of the key factors that restrict the promotion of dryers. From the aspects of factory construction, considering the company expansion, economies of scale, active participation in market competition, improving product market share and popularity, creating higher profits, improving customer trust and other comprehensive factors, Tianyu has begun to increase the investment in the construction of factory building and infrastructure.
In after-sales service, "spare no effort" well explained the service tenet of Tianyu. Tianyu has after-sales service car in all sales regions, at the same, we require our business person and after-sales service person to standby around the clock, and do the best to solve any problem that user encounter 24 hours. Life-long free maintenance is Tianyu's after-sales commitment to users.
Many users have encountered such situations: Right after the maintenance person has fixed the problem and has just left, the problem happens again. It may be a small problem, but the maintenance person has to go back again. Therefore, in Tianyu, it has become Tianyu's unwritten maintenance standard to clean the environment, carry out comprehensive testing, leave no potential problem, and thoroughly solve the problem after the repairing. Liu Suqin said: "Dedication and trustworthy, no sooner said than done, this is very important. After-sales service work is not so easy. In the circumstance that all industrial competition is more and more intense, there is no doubt that customer is god. How to do a good job of after-sales service? That is not only to make the customer feel satisfactory with the products, but also make customers feel satisfactory with our services."
Create national brand and boost market development
The development of grain drying technology can not only change the passive situation of relying on the weather for harvest, reduce the grain loss to the minimum, improve the ability to withstand natural disasters, ensure high production and harvest, and protect arable land, but also, it is important for agricultural modernization. The Profound significance is self-evident. Obviously, development of the dryer industry has gradually received the market recognition. In order to meet the demand of market progress, in the future, Tianyu will cope with the fierce competition in the market through continuously improving product quality by high and new technology and through the production of dryers with high performance and high stability.
In addition, Liu Suqin also said, "next, the most important thing is: precipitation, reflection, improvement and upgrading. In the constant developing and changing agricultural machinery market, Tianyu will continue to forge ahead, and continue to carry forward the ability of science, technology, and innovation. Always pursue the enterprise tenet of "Made in China", and create the national brand - - "Sunshine Tianyu". Continue to provide users with more and better quality products and services, and work toward the goal of becoming China's leading grain dryer enterprise."
Great waves sweep away sand, and washed away numerous excessive magnificences. In a rapidly changing and choppy market environment, the only way to cope with the future development is to continuously improve, and adhere to the company tenet. Just like Tianyu, sow the seeds and irrigate with faith. The little sun always remembers the farmers. Only such a brand deserves the title of "little sun".