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Address: Industrial Cluster Area, Shengao Town, Jiangyan District, Taizhou City, Jiangsu Province Tel:0523-80771866


The company attaches great importance to reform, and always insists on product technology innovation. Tianyu 5 HXG series dryer adopts the transverse multi-groove drying structure, which has the characteristics of thin grain layer, large drying area, high heat efficiency, and even heating of grains. 

【Sunshine Tianyu Grateful for you 】Day Yu staff intentions of service! For the user to eliminate a fire!

October 25, 2017, Chuzhou, Anhui user Xu Chao dryer almost fire! Due to the user dryer behind the big blower motor caused by too much grass, Tianyu agricultural machinery service staff GREE rapid response to help users eliminate the danger in time, the first time handling Mao grass, saved the day, to protect the safety of customers and machines!


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After the elimination of danger, Tianyu agricultural machinery service staff conducted a more detailed inspection, commissioning and so on.
After this incident, the company asked all three packs of staff to reach the user's home first check the motor for dusty grass, etc., to help users rule out potential safety problems!
Day Yu staff intentions of service for the user to eliminate a fire! Hope that all users pay attention!