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The company attaches great importance to reform, and always insists on product technology innovation. Tianyu 5 HXG series dryer adopts the transverse multi-groove drying structure, which has the characteristics of thin grain layer, large drying area, high heat efficiency, and even heating of grains. 

【Sunshine Tianyu Grateful for you 】 Tornado is ruthless, but Tianyu is humanistic ! Tianyu Agricultural Machinery is taking ac

Tornado ruthless, Yu Tian Yu love! July 1, 2017, Tung Tau, Nantong, Jiangsu sudden tornado, natural disasters come, so that users suffered heavy losses, affecting the days of Yu agricultural machinery!
Urgent user's anxious, want users to think. Tianyu agricultural machinery learned of this situation, Tianyu agricultural machinery related area immediately take the initiative to contact the dealers and affected users the first time, verify the disaster situation, and organize personnel to seize the time to carry out emergency maintenance, with the fastest speed For the affected users sent a warmth and hope, by users alike.
Although natural disasters, but the days of agricultural machinery has always been adhering to the "one is in trouble, P Plus support" spirit, Tianyu general manager of agricultural machinery Liu Suqin users, but also to solve practical problems for the user, highlighting the spirit. She decides that the company will go all out to provide maximum assistance to the users in the machine repair free of charge, free replacement of all accessories for users, labor-free, minimize user loss, help affected users as soon as possible, and provide users peace of mind.


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Tianyu agricultural machine concept is very simple: the farmer is too difficult, the company is harder than the farmer point, the company wants to be a responsible and warm enterprise! Since its establishment, Tianyu Agricultural Machinery is in this warm-hearted corporate philosophy and accumulated over the years, a steady stream of civic participation, with its own influence in the agricultural machinery industry and the implementation of corporate social responsibility behavior of the charisma to influence the company Employees, users, distributors, suppliers and industries, step by step to create day-yu agricultural public brand.

Recalling the road to development in the past, Tianyu agricultural machinery development thanks to the majority of users of the support and love. Nowadays, the company has made some initial achievements in its business and needs to learn to be grateful and give back to the community. The future, the company will always uphold the "do not let each user delay production" service, every user to provide high-quality, high efficiency products and services model; and do their utmost to help more need help users practice Brand social responsibility!