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Address: Industrial Cluster Area, Shengao Town, Jiangyan District, Taizhou City, Jiangsu Province Tel:0523-80771866


The company attaches great importance to reform, and always insists on product technology innovation. Tianyu 5 HXG series dryer adopts the transverse multi-groove drying structure, which has the characteristics of thin grain layer, large drying area, high heat efficiency, and even heating of grains. 

【Sunshine Tianyu Grateful for you 】Warmly welcome all the leaders and experts from the provincial grass-roots agricultural mach

May 25, 2017 All the leaders and experts of grassroots agricultural machinery in the province came to Taizhou Jiangsu Tianyu Agricultural Machinery Co., Ltd. to conduct on-site training on grain dryer for Tianyu Agricultural Machinery. Tianyu company sales staff and Technical staff introduced in detail Tianyu dryer performance, features, methods of operation, safety knowledge. The leadership visit made strategic guidance for the development of the Company.

Collective visit to Yang service center for farmers

Tianyu company conference room to learn about the use of dryer

★ Tian Yu Yu, general manager of the company Liu Suqin welcome speech ★

★ room to watch the video learning days Yu dryer use ★
Day Yu professional and technical personnel on-site guidance
Dryer operation internship

★ Day Yu Huang company manager for prototype introduction, and on-site operation Tian Yu dryer ★

★ Tianyu company Bian Minister dryer electrical components introduced ★

★ Day Yu Yu Ling, general manager of sales led experts visit Tian Yu dryer production workshop ★