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The company attaches great importance to reform, and always insists on product technology innovation. Tianyu 5 HXG series dryer adopts the transverse multi-groove drying structure, which has the characteristics of thin grain layer, large drying area, high heat efficiency, and even heating of grains. 

Promote the rapid development of grain dryer market paddled agriculture full mechanized short board

In recent years, China has been promoting agricultural mechanization in depth and has taken the development of intelligent modern agriculture as its goal. During the process of agricultural planting, many of its processes have achieved mechanical operations. However, there are still serious deficiencies in the mechanization of grain drying. To fill our grain drying mechanized short board, the full implementation of mechanization of agriculture.

The mechanization of grain drying in China is less than 10%, which is the "short board" of mechanization of agriculture. Stimulated by government subsidies, grain dryer market average annual growth rate of 50% or more, becoming an important growth point in the agricultural machinery industry. But also exposed the lack of industry standards, low entry barriers caused by mixed fishing, the urgent need to improve quality and efficiency, improve the industry's ecology.

Recently held in Zhengzhou, Henan 2017 National Agricultural Machinery and Parts Exhibition, food dryer products to attract visitors to hang around. Under the situation that the growth rate of national agricultural machinery industry dropped sharply last year, the grain drying industry grew contrarily. The annual output of grain dryer reached 14,000 units, an increase of over 30% over the same period of last year, becoming an important growth point for the agricultural machinery industry. Experts believe that China's grain dryer industry is in its infancy, need to step up its policy support and promote the development of grain drying equipment industry.

Market "blowout" growth

Compared with more than 90% of the grain drying mechanization level in developed countries such as Europe and the United States, the mechanization of grain drying in China is less than 10% and is the "short board" of mechanization of agriculture. In recent years, the state has fully mechanized the entire agricultural production and the demand for agricultural machinery has extended to the prenatal and postnatal period. The hot spots for demand have also been the development of drying equipment. This is the grain dryer market presents a "blowout" an important reason for the development.

In recent years, the state has increased the subsidies for the purchase of grain drying machinery. Since 2011, the grain drying equipment has been included in the catalog of national agricultural subsidies. On the basis of 30% of the state's financial subsidies, some provinces have introduced policy subsidies. Zhejiang, Hubei, Hunan, Jiangxi, Jiangsu and other provinces introduced additional subsidies policy. Stimulated by government subsidies, the grain dryer market grew rapidly, with an average annual growth rate of over 50%.

Grain drying is of strategic importance to ensure national food security and ensure that peasants can increase their incomes. After the grain is harvested in China due to improper control of water, mildew in the proportion of 5% or more, a huge loss. Large-scale concentrated grain storage after harvesting easily moldy, requiring drying treatment can be stored and processed, coupled with reduced drying of rural venues, the use of dryer has become an important option.

Zoomlion dryer marketing director Wang Hui-bo that, compared with the traditional drying, drying can not only be a substantial increase in production efficiency, save land, labor costs, but also more suitable for large-scale intensive operations, free from the venue, the weather And other natural environment, is conducive to disaster reduction and grain conservation; but also can effectively avoid the mixing of soil, sand, debris and vehicle exhaust and other secondary pollution, to ensure food quality and quality.

At present, the domestic drying equipment industry is in its infancy, the market development is not balanced. Northeast, Zhejiang started earlier, Hubei, Hunan, Jiangxi, Anhui, Jiangsu and other places rapid rise, the rest of the region has just entered the embryonic stage. Dryer market capacity continues to expand, it is estimated that rice, wheat, corn drying equipment is expected to demand about 13,000 units annually, agriculture and forestry native products drying equipment demand will reach about 2000 units. This will greatly stimulate industrial development.

Large enterprises to lead the industry norms

Dryer market continues to go hot, attracting more and more enterprises to enter the market "gold rush." Zoomlion entered the field of dryer as early as 2012, after which China's YTO and Lovol also entered the market. At present, there are more than 400 grain dryer manufacturers in China. Due to the lack of industry standards and the low market access threshold, the guidance and post-supervision of the industry in the early stage have resulted in the infiltration of a large number of inferior brands into the market. The phenomenon of "bad money drives out good money" Occur again.

Heilongjiang Land Reclamation Agricultural Machinery Experimental Identification Station Liu Chunzhu that the current quality of our grain dryer uneven, some manufacturers do not have the appropriate technology and equipment conditions, the low level of manufacturing technology, resulting in low service life of dryers, poor reliability, Uneven drying, local over-dry phenomenon, affecting the quality of food drying.

The industry believes that the overall lack of planning for the development of domestic grain dryer industry, the industry did not form a core brand of leading-edge independent brands, product development capacity is not enough, the market is not standardized, the lack of large companies unified management and operation of major brands. Zoomlion, China First Tractor, Lovol and other large enterprises to enter, is changing the industry's ecological environment, leading the drying machinery gradually to the direction of high efficiency and intelligence, the market competition more fully and orderly, the brand concentration has seen an increase.

Zoomlion, as the most complete manufacturer of grain drying equipment products in China, has formed a series of drying products ranging from 10 tons to 1,000 tons and can dry wheat, rice, corn, rapeseed and other crops. Through innovative R & D, the company made continuous breakthroughs in new and efficient drying technology, energy-efficient heat utilization, green multi-fuel use and automatic variable control, realizing the high efficiency, low cost and high quality of grain drying by Anhui, Hubei , Hunan, Jiangxi, Shandong, Sichuan and other major users of food production areas highly recognized.

Cultivate the market need to form a concerted effort

Dryer industry in China as a whole is in the market introduction period, need from the government, industry, society and other aspects of the meticulous care. At present, the grain dryer market is still a "policy market," with government subsidies around the market and users buying power almost entirely from policies. The state should increase its efforts to purchase subsidies for drying machinery and its ancillary facilities, appropriately increase the proportion of purchase subsidies, increase subsidies for drying operations, or subsidize users who use dryers to reduce the operating costs and mobilize the enthusiasm for purchases. The preferential subsidies and supplementary subsidies for the purchase and use of grain drying equipment by new agricultural operators such as specialized agricultural cooperatives, specialized grain-growing households, agricultural cooperatives, family farms and large-scale agricultural machinery operators will be encouraged to promote the grain dryer Rapid development of the market.

Wang Huibo believes that the government still needs to give more and more effective leanings to the industry from policies. In particular, it will increase support for technology research and development and product innovation projects by manufacturing enterprises and research institutes and promote product technology upgrading. It is necessary to establish and perfect the financial support mechanism for agricultural machinery and encourage and guide the financial institutions involved in agriculture in all regions to introduce them as soon as possible so as to improve the agricultural machinery loan business that suits the needs of farmers and solve the problem of financing hard. Agricultural departments at all levels and agricultural-related organizations are actively promoting or organizing promotional activities such as mechanical homework demonstrations, business training and technical services so that more farmers can understand and grasp the technology and mode of operation of grain mechanization and drying. We should encourage large enterprise groups to enter the market of drying equipment, carry out classified management of the dryer production and R & D enterprises, carry out differentiated support according to the scale, guide and encourage enterprises to become bigger and stronger, achieve large-scale development through healthy competition, eliminate outdated production capacity, Promote industrial upgrading.

For trade associations, we should organize more enterprises to participate in international technological exchanges, absorb the latest technological achievements and speed up the improvement of the technological level of the whole industry. We should speed up the restructuring, reorganization and transformation of grain drying machinery manufacturing enterprises and solve the problems of many enterprises, small scale, high cost and low efficiency, enhance the concentration and specialization of the industry, and promote the development of domestic and overseas markets and the establishment of after-sales service system of products , The real formation of a strong enterprise technology innovation base, promote the industry to enhance competitiveness.

For the domestic drying equipment manufacturing enterprises, in the face of increasingly fierce market competition, we must improve product quality through technological progress, absorption of advanced foreign technologies and independent innovation.