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Tianyu 5HXG - 60, 80, 120, 160, 120 series grain dryers with national patent and independent intellectual property. Meanwhile, the dryers have entered the subsidy and promotion catalogue of Ministry of Agriculture, and enjoy the state subsidies.


Sunshine Tianyu brand 5HXX - 80 dryer has timing mode, automatic mode, and seeds mode, which can meet the operation needs of different users
1. Features:
Sunshine Tianyu brand 5HXX - 80 dryer has timing mode, automatic mode, and seeds mode, which can meet the operation needs of different users
The adoption of excellent burner, online moisture meter, PLC controller, and temperature module as the core devices ensure the dryer is accurate and reliable;
The design is energy saving, environmental protective and efficient.
The first domestic touch screen design, which is more convenient to users.
Adopt the transverse multi-groove drying structure, which has the characteristics of thin grain layer, large drying area, high heat efficiency, and even heating of grains.
The special temperature control method can effectively prevent grain over drying. The maintenance is simple and the sweeping is convenient.
2. Product parameters
3. Advantages:
This product can meet the drying requirements of rice, wheat, corn, soybean and other crops. At the same time, it can be used to dry rapeseed and other grain crops, which greatly improve the efficiency of the scope of machine use.
Quick drying
The drying methods adopts the most advanced international constant speed drying, which guarantees the moisture reducing rate and meets the quick drying of large quantity.
Grain safety
This product has the most advanced food drying process software, which greatly improved the grain safety during the drying process, and prevent excessive drying and insufficient drying.
Simple operation
This product is equipped with advanced computer test control system. The drying process software is synchronized with foreign level, and the operation is simple and convenient. Anyone can easily become drying expert.
Reliable operation
The product is designed and optimized according to the use condition in our country, which ensures the safety and reliability during use, and provides powerful equipment for grain drying seasons.
Each part of this product adopts high quality raw materials. Considering the heave wearing during grain drying, the special parts have adopted wear-resistant design and special materials, which greatly improved the machine service life and reduced maintenance costs.

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